Do you have a family history of cancer?

Genetic testing can help you determine if you are at an increased risk for developing certain hereditary cancers.

Make impactful health decisions for you and your family by discovering your risk for inherited cancers.

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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) panels are designed to detect mutations in the human genome leading to predispositions for specific cancers.

They are specifically designed to detect inherited mutations and are not appropriate for the detection of mutations in acquired cancers. Patients with a family history of more than one type of cancer may benefit from a broader genome panel able to detect risks associated with lung, brain, pancreatic, colon, breast, myeloid, sarcoma, prostate, and liver cancers.


Genetic testing has helped many discover their risks

Gabriel at United Cancer Testing was kind and knowledgeable while completing my cancer risk assessment. He explained to me my best course of action and the steps that I should take in order to determine my risk for hereditary cancer. He sent me out a cancer test kit quickly and explained how to use it. I am anxiously awaiting my results and would recommend United Cancer Testing to anyone loo-king to learn more about their risk for cancer.


My mother and father both died of cancer and I was reading around trying to see if there was anything I could do to determine if I would get it. I called United Cancer Testing and they said I was a candidate for a “hereditary cancer test” the “Canadian panel.” They sent me a testing kit that included a tube that I had to provide a saliva sample in. It was very simple, all I had to do was spit into the tube. Once I sent the test kit back I was told that it would take approximately 10 days to run the tests and then I would have results.


Edward at United Cancer Testing answered the phone immediately. I explained to him that I have an extensive family history of cancer and that I am looking to learn more about my risk factors and what I can do to mitigate them. I spoke to my MD and he suggested germline testing. United Cancer Testing offers this. United Cancer Testing was able to coordinate with my PCP to prescribe a genetic cancer test. I received the results of my test a few weeks later and was able to develop a plan with my PCP to decrease my risk.


Discover your risks for developing hereditary cancers.

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Still have questions?

Here are some common questions we usually get about our service. If you would like yours answered, please feel free to contact us.

United Cancer Support is owned and operated by United Clinical Laboratory. Our 10,000 square foot laboratory is located in the heart of West Palm Beach, Florida, and uniquely equipped with state of the art instrumentation.

United Clinical Laboratory houses the latest technology in automation. This results in speed and accuracy to satisfy any clients needs. Laboratory testing practices utilizing advanced liquid handling via robotics making our specimen processing methods the industry leader. High output chemistry analyzers capable of over 4,500 immunoassay test per hour are used for screening urine and oral fluid. The power of liquid chromatography mass spectrometry provides for specialty screening an confirmations. Our Methods are held to the highest standards by proficiency testing agencies such as CAP & API.
Most insurance providers cover genetic testing services for hereditary cancer. United Cancer Support will work with your insurance providers to determine whether or not your benefits will cover diagnostic testing. Typically, if you have the required coverage, you will have little to no out of pocket cost.
Your healthcare professional will let you know your test results as soon as they are available, which typically takes 2 weeks.